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Terms & Conditions (EN)

I. About Us
These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts on the purchase of goods that you conclude with us on https://ambracosmetics.eu, offered by Ambra Oils Cosmetics SRL, located at B-dul Timisoara, nr 58k, ap 408, sector 6, Bucuresti, ONRC nr.J40/7855/2021, CUI 44207475, referred to as “the Company” going further in this document.

You can contact us using the following methods:

Via e-mail at: office@ambracosmetics.eu
Via phone call atl: +40766791730

II. About Ambracosmetics.eu
Ambracosmetics.eu is an e-commerce service which offers its users the possibility to purchase its products online. All products are purchased exclusively online.

III. Intellectual Property
The content and design of Ambracosmetics.eu, as well as any other material related to it sent to you by email or provided to you in any other way (example: articles, design, product description and any other materials), belong to the Company and / or collaborators – where expressly specified – (copyright) and are protected by intellectual property law. You may not use, reproduce or permit anyone to use or reproduce the materials of Ambracosmetics.eu without your prior written permission from the Company.
You may not use frames or framing techniques for trademarks, logos, or other copyrighted information (including images, text, interfaces, forms) of Ambracosmetics.eu without the prior written permission of the Company.
It is allowed to create limited, revocable and non-exclusive hyperlinks to the index page of Ambracosmetics.eu, as long as this action does not present the Ambracosmetics.eu service in a false, misleading, derogatory or offensive light. You may not use the Company logo or other graphic properties, or trademarks as part of hyperlinks without the prior written permission of the Company.

IV. User Navigation
The Ambracosmetics.eu site can be accessed free of charge, and the simple navigation in its pages is not conditioned by the registration as a user (creation of a user account on the Site). Use of the Site implies your prior acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use of Ambracosmetics.eu and its Privacy Policy. These regulations constitute the contractual basis of the relations between the users and the Company.
As the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy may be modified, please review them periodically. In the conditions in which you will no longer agree with their provisions, please do not access / use the Ambracosmetics.eu services.
If you use this Site you assume responsibility for all activities performed under the personal data entered by you.
Ambracosmetics.eu may sell products for children under 14 (fourteen) years of age, but only if an adult is agreeing and is authorized to make payments online by card or by any other payment method accepted by Ambracosmetics.eu. If you are under 14 (fourteen) years old, you can purchase Ambracosmetics.eu products only with the help of a parent or guardian.
For each order placed, you will have to check the box according to which you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Ambracosmetics.eu does not assume responsibility for false confirmation of the age of at least 18 years.
Ambracosmetics.eu reserves the right to modify or remove texts, images, hyperlinks, or to refuse the sale of products, at its sole discretion.

V. Personal Data
In order to place an order in the online store of Ambracosmetics.eu we will request a series of personal data, such as name and surname, email address, but also other personal information, which will allow your identification as a real person as well as invoicing / product delivery. Please access the page where the Privacy Policy is presented to inform you about the information collected by Ambracosmetics.eu, how it is used, as well as your rights regarding the protection of your privacy.

VI. Purchasing Method
In order to buy and take possession of the products offered for sale on Ambracosmetics.eu, it is necessary to go through the following steps:
– identifying and choosing products
– filling in personal data
– payment for products. Payment is made online via card or upon delivery, under the conditions regulated in Chapter VII, and the final cost will contain the price of the product ordered with VAT included, the delivery price if applicable and, if applicable, the price of the green stamp, in accordance with HG448 / 2005.
– the delivery of the ordered and paid products will be accompanied, if necessary, by the guarantee certificate, by the certificate regarding the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer / importer / distributor and / or other certificates if applicable.
By launching an electronic order on Ambracosmetics.eu, you agree with the form of communication through which the Site conducts its operations.

VII. How do I buy

VII.1. Prices
Unless otherwise provided, the prices of the products displayed on Ambracosmetics.eu represent the final purchase prices and include VAT (value added tax of 19%, valid in Romania). The final purchase prices can be prices suggested by the manufacturers or suppliers, or they can be estimated according to the standard prices practicable at the level of the marketed product industry. The final purchase prices may not represent the most competitive prices on a certain product segment or for a certain period.

VII.2. Payment Methods
To pay for the ordered products, you can choose from the following payment methods: payment by bank card or cash on delivery. If you have chosen the bank card payment method, the following screen will ask you for the relevant information in order to process the payment. You will also receive this information by e-mail, in the form of an invoice (details in chapter VII.2.1). If you have chosen to pay cash on delivery, after placing the order you will receive by e-mail the relevant information for your order, in the form of an invoice, and you will pay for the product to the person making the delivery.

VII.2.1. How do I purchase and pay using bank card?
You can purchase any product on Ambracosmetics.eu by following the next steps:
a. Select the product you want to buy and click on the “Add to Cart” link.
b. Enter your personal data.
This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you. Please fill in the form correctly and indicate the persons to whom the invoicing and delivery is made. The e-mail address is extremely important because the information related to the order and the ordered products will be sent by e-mail. An incorrect email address slows down the entire ordering process. Moreover, the Company will not be able to contact you and inform you about the status of your order. If the delivery address is not the same as the billing address, indicate this by unchecking the option. The delivery address is the same as the billing address at the end of the form.
c. Choose the desired payment method and confirm the data by choosing “Place Order”. If you have chosen the method of payment by bank card, you will be sent to another page where you must enter your bank details. Payment will be processed securely, and you will receive an email with all the details regarding your order.
In order for the order to be processed you need to confirm you are over 18 and have agreed to this terms and conditions.

VIII. Shipment & Delivery
Once your order is placed and the payment is accepted, we will prepare your products and ship them via Sameday Courier. You can opt for either door to door shipment or choose to pick them up yourself from an EasyBox.

Delivery usually takes up to 2-3 working days, depending on your location.

IX. Description of products and their return
Ambracosmetics.eu makes every effort to be as accurate as possible. However, Ambracosmetics.eu does not warrant that product descriptions or other related materials are accurate, complete, current or error-free. If a product offered by Ambracosmetics.eu is different from its description on the Site, you can return it in accordance with the provisions of the Product Return Policy of the Site and in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force.

The consumer has the right to notify the Company in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 10 working days from receiving the product or, in case of services, from concluding the contract, in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance no. .130 / 2000.

If you understand and choose to exercise this right you have the following obligations:
– to return the purchased product, in the original packaging, undamaged, at your expense.
– to return the purchased product in working condition, undamaged, in the condition in which it was delivered to you.

X. Reviews, comments, communications and other content

Users can post reviews, comments or other content; send suggestions, ideas, ask questions, propose articles or other types of materials, as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not violate the right to privacy or the law on the protection of intellectual property; does not contain computer viruses, commercial, political communications, which incite hatred or intolerance on ethnic, religious, racial, sexual orientation, collective messages or other forms of spam. In order to post reviews, comments, communications and other types of content, you cannot use e-mail addresses or false identities. Ambracosmetics.eu reserves the right, but does not have the obligation to remove or edit all types of content posted by users and has no obligation to periodically review this content. By posting reviews, comments, communications and other content on Ambracosmetics.eu, you transmit, unless otherwise indicated by the Company, the intellectual property rights, non-exclusively, perpetually, irrevocably, on the materials posted. The company has the right to modify, reproduce, transmit, adapt, publish, distribute the materials posted by users, by any means of mass communication, in any country. By posting reviews, comments, communications and other content on Ambracosmetics.eu, you assign the Company the right to use your name in connection with the materials posted; you guarantee that you own or control in another form, the intellectual property right over the materials you post; that the posted material does not violate any of the posting conditions of reviews, comments, communications and other forms of content from users of Ambracosmetics.eu.
Ambracosmetics.eu has the right, but not the obligation to monitor, edit or delete, any type of content or activities of users on the Site. Ambracosmetics.eu is not responsible and does not assume responsibility for any of the materials posted by other third parties on the Site. Ambracosmetics.eu has the right not to publish all comments and articles proposed by users.

XI. Major Force

Ambracosmetics.eu, its affiliates and / or its suppliers of products or services to Ambracosmetics.eu cannot be held responsible for any delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond the control of Ambracosmetics.eu. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: errors in the operation of technical equipment from Ambracosmetics.eu, failure of the Internet connection, failure of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to Ambracosmetics.eu systems, operating errors, such as and cases of force majeure stipulated by the Romanian legislation in force.

XII. Publicity
Ambracosmetics.eu may display, in its pages, advertisements for the products in its offer as well as for products or services belonging to third parties. By using Ambracosmetics.eu or by accepting its Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, you directly express your acceptance to be the recipient of such commercial communications.

XIII. Complaints regarding the violation of the law regarding the protection of intellectual property
Ambracosmetics.eu respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. If you have noticed that the Site contains information that infringes their right to intellectual property, please send us a notification to the email address or contact us at the telephone number, or at the correspondence address, displayed in the About Us chapter of this contract.

XIV. Applicable legislation
The services offered by the Company through Ambracosmetics.eu are governed by the provisions of Romanian law, in particular Law 365/2002 on electronic commerce, Ordinance 130/2000 on consumer protection in the conclusion and execution of distance contracts, GD 448/2005 and the European EC Directive / 96/2002, which regulates the tax regime for the green stamp, applicable to electronic products.
The terms and conditions of Ambracosmetics.eu are subject to Romanian legislation. In case of dispute, an amicable settlement will be tried first, within 30 working days from the registration of the complaint at the Ambracosmetics.eu headquarters. In case an agreement cannot be reached within the previously specified term, the disputes between the Parties will be submitted to the settlement of the competent courts within the municipality of Bucharest.


XV. Presentation of the offer
Ambracosmetics.eu reserves the right to operate at any time, any changes to prices and technical data present on the Ambracosmetics.eu website, without prior notice. The technical data present on the Ambracosmetics.eu website are informative and do not represent a contractual obligation. The photos on the Ambracosmetics.eu website are informative and there may be differences between them and the product.

Termeni si Conditii (RO)

I. Despre Noi
Serviciul https://ambracosmetics.eu este oferit de Ambra Oils Cosmetics SRL cu sediul in B-dul Timisoara, nr 58k, ap 408, sector 6, Bucuresti, inmatriculata in Registrul comertului sub nr.J40/7855/2021, avand cod unic de inregistrare 44207475, denumita in cele ce urmeaza Societatea.

Ne puteti contacta prin urmatoarele mijloace:

Prin e-mail la: office@ambracosmetics.eu
Prin telefon la numarul: +40766791730

II. Despre Ambracosmetics.eu
Ambracosmetics.eu este un serviciu e-commerce care ofera utilizatorilor sai posibilitatea de a intra in posesia produselor afisate. Achizitia produselor se face pe baza comenzilor primite prin site.

III. Proprietatea Intelectuala
Continutul si designul Ambracosmetics.eu, precum si orice alt material avand legatura cu acesta trimis dvs. prin email sau furnizat dvs. prin orice alta modalitate (exemplu: articole, design, descriere produse si orice alte materiale), apartin Societatii si/sau colaboratorilor sai – acolo unde acest lucru este specificat in mod expres – (drept de autor) si sunt protejate de legislatia privind proprietatea intelectuala. Nu puteti utiliza, reproduce sau permite nimanui sa utilizeze sau sa reproduca materialele Ambracosmetics.eu fara a detine o permisiune scrisa, prealabila din partea Societatii.
Nu puteti folosi cadre (frames in sensul limbajului HTML) sau tehnici de incadrare (framing techniques in sensul limbajului HTML) pentru marci, logo-uri, sau alte informatii protejate de legea copyrightului (inclusiv imagini, texte, interfete, formulare) ale Ambracosmetics.eu fara a detine o permisiune scrisa, prealabila, din partea Societatii.
Este permisa crearea limitata, revocabila si neexclusiva a hiperlinkurilor catre pagina de index a Ambracosmetics.eu, atata timp cat aceasta actiune nu prezinta serviciul Ambracosmetics.eu intr-o lumina falsa, inselatoare, derogatorie sau ofensiva. Nu puteti folosi logo-ul firmei sau alte proprietati grafice, sau marci ca parte a hyperlinkurilor fara a detine o permisiune scrisa, prealabila, din partea Societatii.

IV. Navigarea ca utilizator
Site-ul Ambracosmetics.eu poate fi accesat in mod gratuit, iar simpla navigare in paginile acestuia nu este conditionata de inregistrarea ca utilizator (crearea unui cont de utilizator pe Site). Folosirea Siteului presupune acceptarea prealabila de catre dvs. a Termenilor si Conditiilor de utilizare a Ambracosmetics.eu si a Politicii de Confidentialitate a acestuia. Aceste reglementari constituie baza contractuala a raporturilor dintre utilizatori si Societate.
Intrucat prevederile Termenilor si Conditiilor de utilizare si ai Politicii de Confidentialitate pot fi modificate, va rugam sa le revedeti periodic. In conditiile in care nu veti mai fi de acord cu prevederile acestora, va rugam sa nu mai accesati/folositi serviciile Ambracosmetics.eu.
Daca folositi acest Site va asumati responsabilitatea pentru toate activitatile efectuate sub datele cu caracter personal introduse de dumneavoastra.
Ambracosmetics.eu poate vinde produse pentru copii sub 14 (paisprezece) ani, dar le vinde adultilor, care sunt autorizati sa efectueze plati online cu cardul sau prin orice alta metoda de plata acceptata de Ambracosmetics.eu. Daca aveti mai putin de 14 (paisprezece) ani, puteti achizitiona produsele Ambracosmetics.eu, numai cu ajutorul unui parinte sau tutore.
La fiecare comanda plasata, veti fi nevoit sa bifati casuta conform careia confirmati ca aveti varsta de minim 18 ani. Ambracosmetics.eu nu isi asuma responsabilitatea pentru confirmarea falsa a varstei de minim 18 ani.
Ambracosmetics.eu isi rezerva dreptul de a modifica sau elimina texte, imagini, hyperlinkuri, sau de a refuza vanzarea de produse, la propria sa discretie.

V. Datele Personale
Pentru a plasa o comanda in magazinul online al Ambracosmetics.eu va vom solicita o serie de date personale, precum numele si prenumele, adresa de email, dar si alte informatii cu caracter personal, care sa permita identificarea dvs. ca persoana reala si facturarea/livrarea produselor. Va rugam sa accesati pagina in care va este prezentata Politica de Confidentialitate pentru a va informa cu privire la informatiile colectate de Ambracosmetics.eu, cu privire la modul in care sunt folosite acestea, precum si la drepturile cu privire la protejarea intimitatii dvs.

VI. Procedura de cumparare
Pentru a cumpara si intra in posesia produselor oferite spre vanzare pe Ambracosmetics.eu este necesara parcurgerea urmatoarelor etape:
– identificarea si alegerea produselor
– completarea datelor cu caracter personal
– efectuarea platii produselor. Plata se efectueaza online sau la livrare, in conditiile reglementate la Capitolul VII, iar costul final va contine pretul produsului comandat cu TVA inclus, pretul livrarii si, daca este cazul, pretul timbrului verde, in conformitate cu dispozitiile HG448/2005.
– livrarea produselor comandate si achitate va fi insotita, daca este cazul, de certificatul de garantie, de certificatul cu privire la service-ul post-vanzare asigurat de catre producator/importator/distribuitor si/sau alte certificatedaca este cazul.
Prin lansarea unei comenzi electronice pe Ambracosmetics.eu, sunteti de acord cu forma de comunicare prin care Site-ul isi deruleaza operatiunile.

VII. Cum cumpar

VII.1. Preturile
Cu exceptia cazurilor in care este prevazut altfel, preturile produselor afisate pe Ambracosmetics.eu reprezinta preturile finale de cumparare si includ TVA (taxa pe valoare adaugata de 19%, valabila in Romania). Preturile finale de cumparare pot fi preturi sugerate de catre producatori sau furnizori, sau pot fi estimate in functie de preturile standard practicabile la nivelul industriei produsului comercializat. Preturile finale de cumparare pot sa nu reprezinte cele mai competitive preturi de pe un anumit segment de produse sau pentru o anumita perioada.

VII.2. Metode de plata
Pentru efectuarea platii produselor comandate, puteti alege dintre urmatoarele metode de plata: plata prin card bancar sau numerar/cash la livrare. Daca ati ales ca metoda de plata prin card bancar, urmatorul ecran va va solicita informatiile relevante pentru a putea procesa plata. Aceste informatii le veti primi si prin e-mail, subforma unei facturi (detalii in cap. VII.2.1). Daca ati ales sa platiti numerar/cash la livrare, dupa plasarea comenzii veti primi prin e-mail informatiile relevante pentru comanda dvs., sub forma unei facturi, urmand sa efectuati plata produsului catre persoana care efectueaza livrarea.

VII.2.1. Cum cumpar si platesc produse de pe site-ul Ambracosmetics.eu prin card bancar?
Puteti cumpara produse prin Ambracosmetics.eu urmand urmatorii pasi:
a. Selectati produsul pe care doriti sa-l achizitionati si apasati pe linkul “Adauga in cos”.
b. Introduceti/confirmati datele dvs. personale.
Aceste informatii sunt necesare pentru procesarea corecta si eficienta a comenzii plasate de catre dvs. Va rugam sa completati corect formularul si sa indicati persoanele catre care se face facturarea si livrarea. Adresa de e-mail are importanta extrema deoarece informatiile legate de comanda si produsele comandate vor fi transmise prin e-mail. O adresa de e-mail incorecta incetineste intregul proces de comanda. Mai mult de atat, Societatea nu va putea sa va contacteze si sa va informeze asupra starii comenzii dvs. Daca adresa de livrare nu este aceeasi ca adresa de facturare, indicati acest lucru prin debifarea optiunii. Adresa pentru livrare este aceeasi cu adresa de facturare de la sfarsitul formularului.
c. Alegeti metoda dorita de plata si confirmati datele alegand “Plaseaza comanda”. Daca ati ales metoda de plata prin card bancar, veti fi trimis intr-o alta pagina unde trebuie sa introduceti datele bancare. Plata va fi procesata in siguranta, urmand sa primiti prin e-mail o factura cu toate datele privitoare la comanda dvs.
Pentru a putea procesa comanda, va fi nevoie sa confirmati ca aveti varsta de minim 18 ani si ca sunteti de acord cu termenii si conditiile prezente.

VIII. Pregatirea Comenzii si Livrarea
Odata ce comanda este plasata si plata este acceptata, va vom pregati coletul pentru livrare prin firma de curierat Sameday. Puteti opta fie pentru livrarea la adresa, fie pentru ridicare personala din EasyBox.

Termenul de livrare este in medie de 2-3 zile, in functie de locatia dumneavoastra.

IX. Descrierea si returnarea produselor
Ambracosmetics.eu depune toate eforturile pentru a fi cat se poate de precis. Cu toate acestea, Ambracosmetics.eu nu garanteaza ca descrierile produselor sau a altor tipuri de materiale care au legatura cu acestea sunt precise, complete, curente sau fara erori. Daca un produs oferit de Ambracosmetics.eu este diferit fata de descrierea aferenta acestuia de pe Site, il puteti returna respectand prevederile Politicii de returnare a produselor a Site-ului si in conformitate cu legislatia romana in vigoare.

Consumatorul are dreptul sa notifice in scris comerciantul ca renunta la cumparare, fara penalitati si fara invocarea unui motiv, in termen de 10 zile lucratoare de la primirea produsului sau, in cazul prestarilor de servicii, de la incheierea contractului, in conformitate cu dispozitiile Ordonantei nr.130/2000.

In cazul in care intelegeti sa valorificati acest drept aveti urmatoarele obligatii:
– de a returna produsul cumparat, in ambalajul original, nedeteriorat, pe cheltuiala dvs.
– de a returna produsul cumparat in stare de functionare, nedeteriorat, in starea in care v-a fost livrat.

X. Recenzii, comentarii, comunicari si alte tipuri de continut

Utilizatorii pot posta recenzii, comentarii sau alte tipuri de continut; trimite sugestii, idei, pune intrebari, propune articole sau, alte tipuri de materiale, atata timp cat continutul acestora nu este ilegal, obscen, amenintator, defaimator, nu incalca dreptul la intimitate sau legea cu privire la protejarea proprietatii intelectuale; nu contine virusi informatici, comunicari comerciale, politice, care instiga la ura sau intoleranta pe motive etnice, religioase, rasiale, de orientare sexuala, mesaje colective sau alte forme de spam. In vederea postarii de recenzii, comentarii, comunicari si alte tipuri de continut, nu puteti folosi adrese de e-mail sau identitati false. Ambracosmetics.eu isi rezerva dreptul, dar nu are obligatia de a elimina sau edita toate tipurile de continut postate de catre utilizatori si nu are obligatia de a revedea periodic acest continut. Odata cu postarea de recenzii, comentarii, comunicari si alte tipuri de continut pe Ambracosmetics.eu, transmiteti, in afara cazurilor in care Societatea indica altfel, drepturile de proprietate intelectuala, in mod neexclusiv, perpetuu, irevocabil, asupra materialelor postate. Societatea are dreptul de a modifica, reproduce, transmite, adapta, publica, distribui materialele postate de catre utilizatori, prin orice mijloc de comunicare in masa, din orice tara. Prin postarea de recenzii, comentarii, comunicari si alte tipuri de continut pe Ambracosmetics.eu, cedati dreptul Societatii de a folosi numele dvs. in relatie cu materialele postate; garantati ca detineti sau controlati intr-o alta forma, dreptul de proprietate intelectuala asupra materialelor pe care le postati; ca materialele postate nu violeaza nici una dintre conditiile de postare ale recenziilor, comentariilor, comunicarilor si alte forme de continut din partea utilizatorilor, ale Ambracosmetics.eu.
Ambracosmetics.eu are dreptul, dar nu obligatia de a monitoriza, edita sau sterge, orice tip de continut sau activitati ale utilizatorilor pe Site. Ambracosmetics.eu nu este responsabil si nu isi asuma responsabilitatea pentru nici unul dintre materialele postate de catre alte terte parti pe Site. Ambracosmetics.eu are dreptul de a nu publica toate comentariile si articolele propuse de catre utilizatori.

XI. Forta Majora
Ambracosmetics.eu, afiliatii sau/si in general furnizorii de produse sau servicii catre Ambracosmetics.eu nu pot fi facuti responsabili pentru nici o intarziere sau eroare rezultand direct sau indirect din cauze care nu depind de vointa Ambracosmetics.eu. Aceasta exonerare include, dar nu se limiteaza la: erorile de functionare a echipamentului tehnic de la Ambracosmetics.eu, lipsa functionarii conexiunii la internet, lipsa functionarii conexiunilor de telefon, virusii informatici, accesul neautorizat in sistemele Ambracosmetics.eu, erorile de operare, precum si cazurile de forta majora stipulate de legislatia romana in vigoare.

XII. Publicitatea
Ambracosmetics.eu poate afisa, in paginile sale, reclame la produsele din oferta sa precum si la produse ori servicii apartinand tertilor. Prin utilizarea Ambracosmetics.eu osi prin acceptarea Termenilor si Conditiilor de utilizare ale acestuia si a Politicii de confidentialitate, va exprimati in mod direct acceptul de a fi destinatarul acestor comunicari cu caracter comercial.

XIII. Reclamatii privind incalcarea legii referitoare la protejarea proprietatii intelectuale
Ambracosmetics.eu respecta dreptul la proprietatea intelectuala a tertilor. Daca ati observat ca Site-ul contine informatii care incalca dreptul acestora la proprietate intelectuala, va rugam sa ne trimiteti o instiintare la adresa de email sau sa ne contactati la numarul de telefon, sau la adresa de corespondenta, afisate la capitolul Despre noi din prezentul contract.

XIV. Legislatia aplicabila
Serviciile oferite de Societate prin intermediul Ambracosmetics.eu sunt guvernate de dispozitiile legilor romane, cu precadere de Legea 365/2002 privind comertul electronic, Ordonanta 130/2000 privind protectia consumatorilor la incheierea si executarea contractelor la distanta, HG 448/2005 si Directiva Europeana EC/96/2002,care reglementeaza regimul taxei pentru timbrul verde, aplicabil produselor electronice.
Termenii si conditiile Ambracosmetics.eu se supun legislatiei romane. In caz de litigiu, se va incerca mai intai o rezolvare pe cale amiabila, in termen de 30 de zile lucratoare de la inregistrarea reclamatiei la sediul Ambracosmetics.eu. In cazul in care nu se poate ajunge la o intelegere in termenul precizat anterior, litigiile dintre Parti se vor supune rezolvarii instantelor judecatoreasti competente de pe raza municipiului Bucuresti.

XV. Prezentarea ofertei
Ambracosmetics.eu isi rezerva dreptul de a opera oricand, orice modificari asupra preturilor si datelor tehnice prezente pe site-ul Ambracosmetics.eu, fara o instiintare prealabila. Datele tehnice prezente pe site-ul Ambracosmetics.eu au caracter informativ si nu reprezinta o obligatie contractuala. Fotografiile de pe site-ul Ambracosmetics.eu au caracter informativ si pot exista diferente intre acestea si produs.

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