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– Bring the vibrant color back on your tattoos –


AMBRA Cosmetics was born out of our passion for tattoos and perfumes. A creative play between care for body art and oriental notes. Neither too delicate, nor too wild, the fragrance uses warm and soft spicy notes to vivify your mood along with enhancing your tattoos.

The product is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave any residue or stains. Just a perfect glow and a luxurious scent. Both products are unisex and destined for tattoo care, but can be used to enhance any body part you’d like.

The tattoo enhancers are designed to protect and brighten your tattoos, once they heal and reach at least 6 months. Their purpose is to provide deep hydration and amplify your ink’s nuances. Frequent use will decrease the speed of fading that occurs over time.

Dry oils, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, suited for all skin types, male and female.

Our Products

Dry oils that are easily absorbed by the skin, leaving no residue or stain, just a perfect glow and a luxurious scent. 

Ambra Cosmetics Tattoo Enhancers - tattoo aftercare/skincare for faded tattoos

-The Plain

Our Original – enriched with natural oils and vitamin E to nourish dry skin and revive body art. The warm fragrance opens up with green and tart aromas of bergamot, surrounded by animal notes of Amber and spiced up with black pepper. 

Ambra Cosmetics Tattoo Enhancers - tattoo aftercare/skincare for faded tattoos - iridescent glow

-The Iridescent

An essential occasion-wear – our Original with a twist. Same nourishing formula that will bring your tattoos back to life and embrace you in its warm notes of bergamot, amber and black pepper – with a pinch of diamond sparkles for an iridescent glow.


An innovation in tattoo care, our products combine natural ingredients with woody notes to enhance the beauty of your body art.

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Alexandra Grigore
Alexandra Grigore
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"Inainte sa recomand un produs, ceea ce se intampla forte rar oricum, il testez cateva zile. Asa am facut si cu cele doua uleiuri de la @ambra.tattoocare. Ce m-a interesat, avand pielea sensibila, a fost sa nu am vreo reactie alergica. Nu, nu s-a intamplat. Pe scurt, hidrateaza pielea, culorile tatuajelor se vad mai bine si miros frumos rau de tot. Cel alb, care are si sclipici in el arata booomba pe piele, cu sau fara tatuaje."
Rheea Devri
Rheea Devri
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"Tatuata si mandra. Tatuatoare si mai mandra! Toti cei care ma cunosc stiu ca tatuajele mele au ceva timp de cand sunt facute, dar arata impecabil dupa atatia ani. Motivul? Executate superb de echipa mea @cactusinkbucuresti, vindecate cu si evidentiate cu uleiurile @ambra.tattoocare. Toate produsele sunt cele pe care le recomand clientilor mei, pentru ca eu tind sa cred ca am gasit reteta perfecta!"
Yasmin Awad
Yasmin Awad
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"Tattoo Enhancers - pariu ca n-ati mai auzit de asta: uleiuri ce hidrateaza si improspateaza cerneala tatuajelor, practic skincare pentru tatuaje. 2 variante: transparent sau glittery, ambele cu un parfum senzational!"
Laura Musuroaea
Laura Musuroaea
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"Sunt 2 produse pe care pur si simplu le pulverizati pe tatuaje, au si un miros foarte placut, hidrateaza foarte bine si redau culoarea tatuajelor. Si cum eu am multe tatauaje, cu siguranta vor fi 2 produse foarte de folos!"
Livia Andrei
Livia Andrei
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"Au ajuns produsele si chiar acum le-am testat pe unul dintre cele mai vechi tatuaje. Se vede foarte misto!!"
Andreea Nebunu
Andreea Nebunu
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"Au ajuns produsele!! Arata foarte bine ambalajul, le-am si incercat deja si imi plac! Au un miros minunat!"

AMBRA Cosmetics products are certified in accordance with European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 (as amended). The ingredients are legally permitted as per Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and its amendments and the safety assessment has been carried out in accordance to this regulation. The product is manufactured in accordance with EU Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practice.

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